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Ahad, 4 Disember 2011

my favorite band

Jonas Brothers Profile

Famous as:
Cristian rock band

Birth name:
Sons of jonas

Birth Place:
Wyckoff,New Jersey,USA

Pop Rock and Teen Pop

Member of the band profile

Full Name: Joseph Adam Jonas

Date Of Birthday: August 15th,1989

Place Of Birthday: Casa Grande,Arizona

Star Sign: Leo

Chinese Horoscope sign: Snake

Parents: Kevin (Sr.) and Denise Jonas

Siblings: Kevin (Jr.),Nick and Frankie Jonas

Hobbies: Making Movies, jogging and working out

Instruments: Guitar,piano,percussion(tambourine)

Favorite Food:Chicken cutlet , Sandwich with mayo

Favorite colour:Blue

Favorite Ice-Cream: Chocolate Marshmallow

Favorite Sport:Wiffel Ball


Full Name: Nicholas Jerry Jonas

Date Of Birth: september 16th, 1992

Place Of Birth: Dallas, Texas

Star Sign: Virgo

Chinese Horoscope Sign: Monkey

Parents: Kevin (Sr.) and Denise Jonas

Sibbling: Kevin (Jr.), Joe and Frankie Jonas

Hobbies: Music, song writing, baseball, collecting baseball cards, tennis and golf

Instruments: Guitar,drums and piano

Favorite food: Steak

Favourite colour: Blue

Favorite Ice-Cream: Cotton Candy

Favorite sports:Baseball

Full Name: Paul Kevin Jonas

Date Of Birth: November 5th,1987

Place Of Birth: Teaneck,New Jersey

Star Sign: Scorpio

Chinese Horoscope Sign: Rabbit

Parents: Kevin (Sr.) and Denise Jonas

Siblings: Joe,Nick and Frankie Jonas

Hobbies: Playing Guitar and Bowling

Instruments: Guitar

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Colour: Green

Favorite Ice-Cream: Rocky Road

Favorite sport: Pole Vaulting

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